Мока або та сама «гейзерна кавоварка»

Moka or the same "geyser coffee machine"

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The Moka Pot coffee maker (sometimes called an espresso coffee maker or geyser coffee maker) is a classic coffee brewing method with influential Italian roots.

Patented in 1933 by inventor Luigi De Ponti, the coffee maker has been one of the most recognizable and popular methods for preparing coffee at home (especially in Europe) for nearly a century.

Mocha is a brewing method that uses steam pressure and an external heat source to create a thick, bright cup (usually a 1:7 ratio of coffee to water).

Geyser coffee makers are most often made of aluminum and consist of three main parts: a small boiler, a filter basket and a container where the finished drink flows.

Even though mocha is called "home espresso," it doesn't actually brew espresso the way it's supposed to.

According to most modern definitions of this term, espresso is coffee that is prepared under a pressure of 9-10 bar. From the research of many coffee enthusiasts, in a geyser coffee maker, ground beans reach their peak at a pressure of about 2 bar, and often even lower.

How to brew a delicious cup of coffee in a geyser coffee maker?

The best practice when using a coffee maker is to fill the filter basket with coffee and fill the water tank from the bottom to the maximum line. The basket should be filled only 2/3. This is done so that the coffee still has room to grow in volume when water passes through it. Here you can experiment with light tamping with a spoon after filling the basket with ground coffee.

When using your geyser for the first time, you will need to estimate how much ground coffee the filter basket will hold. It is recommended to measure the amount of coffee using tablespoons, filling the basket to the desired level. For example, use three tablespoons of ground coffee for every 200 ml of water. Of course, you can experiment and adjust the ratio of coffee to water to suit your taste.

Water should not seep into the filter, if this happens, then there is too much water in the tank. If coffee gets on the rim, be sure to clean it. A good seal is critical to the operation of the mocha.

Place the basket with ground coffee in the lower base of the geyser coffee maker, which is already filled with water, and screw the upper container for ready coffee to the base of the boiler. Make sure everything is securely attached. Heat over low heat (be patient)!

As soon as the coffee starts to rise, you need to reduce the heat even more.

It should be observed that the coffee comes out slowly, and not in a violent eruption. From the moment the coffee starts to seep through to the end of the brewing cycle, about a minute should pass.

After most of the water has risen from the boiler to the top, there will be mostly steam at the bottom of the geyser coffee maker. Try to avoid getting this superheated steam on the coffee grounds at the end of the brewing cycle. It will burn it and add a bitter aftertaste of burntness to the drink.

When your drink is ready, pour it into a warm cup and enjoy every sip! With every minute, it will become even richer and brighter, giving a unique taste experience.

And in an interview for the online magazine "Varosh", our brand roaster Oleksandr Yefremov talked about geyser coffee makers, which can be purchased in our coffee shop!

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