About us

Our story began in 2019, with our own open roasting shop in a coffee shop  in the very center of the city of Uzhhorod.  At first, they learned how to roast, and later how to cook and treat not only the townspeople but also the guests of their native Uzh with coffee. This is how Riverside Coffee Roasting Co. was born.

In order to obtain high quality grain to offer you, the Riverside team must:

- find and select the best, sometimes unique and very limited lots of grain;

- to reveal the maximum potential of the selected lot during roasting, preserving all the unique and inherent features of the taste and aroma of the selected lot;

- preserve the uniqueness and stability of the product;

- to carry out step-by-step quality control at all stages of production;

Riverside is a team of coffee enthusiasts who can be trusted with the selection of beans for your coffee shop or restaurant.

Why Riverside?

- we help you choose grain with the best taste profile for your business and your potential customers;

- we prepare your baristas for work;

- we control the quality of preparation of coffee drinks;

- we work with dozens of partners not only in Uzhgorod, but also throughout Ukraine.

Let's prepare delicious and high-quality coffee for your guests together with Riverside!