Сакура Фест 2024 в Ужгороді

Sakura Fest 2024 in Uzhhorod

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Plan your weekend in Uzhhorod to coincide with the cherry blossom festival in the spring. This event will definitely leave you with unique impressions!

For every Transcarpathian, the arrival of spring means one thing - cherry blossoms. The blossoming of cherry blossoms in Uzhhorod, which usually takes place at the end of March and the beginning of April, turns the whole city into an unparalleled picture. As you know, sakura is considered a symbol of Japan, and cherry blossoms are traditionally associated with this country. But today it is not necessary to travel to Japan to enjoy this natural wonder. Sakura grows in different parts of the world, in particular in Uzhhorod , a city in Transcarpathia.

Cherry blossoms create a magical sight with their short-lived but impressive presence in various corners of the capital of Transcarpathia.

Although the flowering period can last up to 14 days, there are some varieties of trees that are at the peak of flowering for only a few days.

And how did the Japanese cherry get all the way to Uzhgorod?

The journey through history tells that the Japanese ornamental cherry, known as sakura, made its way to Uzhhorod back in 1923, when it was brought from Vienna. Now this amazing tree decorates many corners of the city, including Rakotsi and Dovzhenka streets. The largest number of them is located along the embankment of the Uzh River . Sakura alley blooms on Kyiv and Pravoslavna embankments, not far from Maly Galagov Square (former Pushkin Square), forming the largest Garden of Eden in Europe . In general, the number of trees is estimated at about 2 thousand specimens.

One of the historical pearls of Uzhgorod is the creative event "Sakura Fest".

Musical performances, creative workshops and other cultural events are organized within the framework of this festival. Every year it is held in an international format , because at this time it is full of tourists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other European countries!

Sakura Fest 2024.

The organizers of the event announced on social networks that this year's Sakura Fest 2024 in Uzhhorod will take place taking into account the situation in the country. The festival program is aimed at relaxation, stress relief and, of course, fundraising for the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine , in particular, for the support of the Transcarpathian Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Many events are held as part of the festival:

  • fair of craft producers;
  • pink goodies;
  • thematic photo zone;
  • lectures from famous residents of Uzhhorod;
  • performances of bands, groups and musicians;
  • horse riding;
  • animators and growth dolls;
  • aqua painting and tattooing for children;
  • karaoke and master classes for children;
  • creative pink costume contest;
  • plein air with artists and painting competition.

Where and when is Sakura Fest 2024 being held?

In Uzhgorod, "Sakura Fest 2024" will be held on April 13-14, 2024, near the "Owl's Nest", located on the street Ferenza Rakotsi, 2, opposite the Heroiv Maidan square. Entry is free for all guests!

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